AÉHEE designer, Juliane Aehee Hah, began collecting unnecessary leather skins from her previous leather garment company where they had to throw out past season swatches and sometimes full skins. She then decided to create an Eco-Chic handbag line to utilize and make leather bags with upcycled leathers, small swathes and scraps. By visiting designers' leather manufacturing facilities in New York AÉHEE only selects high quality designer level upcycled leathers that are not degraded.  Most of leathers she collects has no value to itself being unused and scrapped but AÉHEE uses them to make special and unique pieces to deliver meaningful handbags to her customers.



 By using upcycled leathers we can save the world and make less wastage of leathers to help eco-friendly environment.

 Upcycled eco-friendly products are unique and limited due to upcycled leather not being mass produced as other leather products. Some leather quality/color is in multitude while other leather/color is very limited from being scrapped. In other words, our customers can have very special and one of a kind bags to carry.



Upcycled leather bag doesn’t mean that it has to look old and worn out.  AÉHEE creates and put efforts to make very fresh, unique and fashionable items using her aesthetic in choosing fun colors, designs, and mixing different leather qualities. Our goal is to maintain aesthetic in Eco-Chic handbag lines.